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Picking the
Right Device

The first step may be the hardest. Small business owners must make a myriad of decisions before purchasing a device. Some of these decisions include:

    • Operating system i.e. Windows or Mac environment
    • Form-factor i.e. Desktop, laptop, hybrid device, tablet, thin client
    • Standardization vs flexibility i.e. standardized model, best price, BYOD
    • Computing/storage needed

Imagine the purchase considerations for a server! Progressive Technology works with its clients to scope out the purpose, needed specs, budgetary considerations, and other variables to ensure maximum value over the life of the device. Our team has been providing this guidance to organizations for nearly two decades, with experience and access to the leading brands available to small enterprise.

Procurement and Installation

Procurement + Installation

As partners of leading hardware brands like HP, DELL, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, and the world’s largest IT distribution channels, Progressive Technology is equipped to supply clients with the equipment they need at competitive prices. Furthermore, our team can provide white-glove installation services such as imaging, configuration, data/profile migration, and secure disposal.

Lifecycle Management

Servers, workstations, and most hardware usually make it four-to-five years before replacement is needed. During that period, Progressive Technology can help manage device warranty status, warranty claims, and device retirement. Predictable device replacement schedules are much better for client budgeting and ultimately – productivity.

Lifecycle Management

Want to learn more? Please contact us to discuss your IT hardware sourcing needs.

Want to learn more? Please contact us to discuss your IT hardware sourcing needs.