Project Planning

IT projects can be an intensive undertaking. Which solution should I choose? Will the new platform really provide the benefits I need? Who can I lean on to manage and implement the project?

These are all questions that – if not properly addressed – can inflate the cost of a project or worse: deliver the wrong outcome entirely. Progressive Technology brings extensive experience, out-of-the-box innovation, and technical know-how to project planning and management.

Our consulting team can help research and recommend the proper solution, manage the project from beginning-to-end, procure related assets and platforms, and provide post-project support for value assurance.

Project Planning

Technology Strategy

Information Technology can greatly enhance daily operations and employee productivity. The challenge is knowing which technologies and platforms to choose for maximum benefit. Amongst thousands of “solutions” available to small enterprises, there may only be a few which are truly a good fit.

Progressive Technology brings extensive consulting and management experience to help small businesses point their investments in the right direction. We look at business challenges objectively and holistically to recommend the best path to the client (rather than pushing a client to a standard ‘package’ or ‘go-to’). Innovative technology design responsive to client needs will drive business outcomes – that is our goal.

Industry-Specific Guidance

There are certain best practices which are universal for small enterprises of all industries; however, certain industries have more specific technology requirements. Progressive Technology has been providing industry-specific guidance for over a decade to clients in community/regional banking, healthcare, construction, architecture/design, and non-profit charities. For more information or references on how we can help your organization successfully leverage technology for your industry-specific needs, please contact us today.

Industry Specific Guidance

Want to learn more? Contact us for a 60-min No-Charge Network Assessment today!

Want to learn more? Contact us for a 60-min No-Charge Network Assessment today!