True or False

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Posted: June 2011

True or False. Microsoft makes more money from Android than it does Windows Phone. If you answered True, you are correct. But how?

According to Microsoft, smartphones running Google’s mobile OS (Android) infringe its patents and companies who use it owe Microsoft royalties. Last year, Microsoft made their position clear to all smartphones manufacturers, including HTC.

HTC Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of smartphones. The company initially made smartphones based mostly on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system (OS) software, but in 2009 it began to shift some of its core focus away from Windows Mobile devices to those based on Android OS. In April 2010 HTC decided it was in their best interest to negotiate rather than litigate, and from this came a licensing deal. This deal was not only lucrative for Microsoft, but also ironic in the fact that Android sales benefit their bottom line.

HTC has shipped roughly 30 million Android handsets, which works out to about $150 million in Android revenues for Microsoft. (Read Article)

Now if you are outraged over Microsoft’s position and actions, please note that they are not alone. Apple has also filed suits against HTC, Motorola and Samsung, alleging that their Android implementations violate Apple’s patents.

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