The Wallet of Tomorrow

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Posted: June 2011

“Seinfeld: The Reverse Peephole” | Episode 12 | Season 9
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I recently thought of the above episode as I read an article this past month titled “When will smartphones replace our wallets?” (Read Article) The basic premise of the article is that smartphones may someday make wallets obsolete and unnecessary. Sounds crazy, maybe not.

With technology, a solid indicator of where the market is headed is when you have two leaders fighting for top position. As you know from reading this newsletter, if one of those leaders is named Google you should pay special attention. So when Google was recently sued by Paypal for supposedly stealing its ideas for a new service that is trying to turn smartphones into digital wallets — I took notice.
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In The Reverse Peephole episode, a conversation occurs between George and Jerry as follows:

  • George: “My back is killing me.”
  • Jerry: “Of course, because of that wallet! You’ve got a filing cabinet under half of your a**.”
  • George: “This is an organizer, a secretary, and a friend.”

Now, if you did not know better, you would think George was talking about today’s smart phone.

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