Apple Care (Warranty)

Progressive Technology is proud to be Hilton Head and Bluffton’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider. Since we are an AASP Progressive Technology can perform hardware replacements for your in-warranty Mac computer. Most repairs are done right here in our office, so no need to ship the product off! If necessary we are able to mail your computer in for repairs to save you the hassle of having to do it yourself. We are also fully capable of resolving most issues with your Apple computer, even if it’s no longer under warranty.

Non Warranty

Even though your system is not under warranty, we can fix most issues with your Apple computer.

An example of some issues not covered under your Apple’s warranty are application issues and configuration, repairing of the operating system, reattaching keys, adjusting the track pad and other various fixes and adjustments.

For more information, please call us at 682-4990 or Email Us.