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Posted: January 2011

Quora? In 2007 people were saying, “Twitter?” Today, many people cannot remember what life was like before you could Tweet. There is a buzz in the tech community that Quora will become the next Twitter. So what is it?

Quora was founded in 2009 by Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo – two former Facebook staffers. It is a new social media platform that offers a question and answer community where users ask a question to a community or person, and then wait for an answer. Think of it as if Facebook and Wikipedia had a child. Or Yahoo! Answers… only hipper.

On Quora, you can follow not only people, but topics and questions. It defines the world by your interests, not just the people you may know or admire. Its main goal of Quora is to be the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about each question. (About Quora)

You may be saying that it sounds interesting, but will it really be the next Twitter? Only time will tell, but I think it has a shot. When I first started to read about Quora I thought what a simple but ingenious idea. One of the biggest “values” for many people on the internet is the ability to conduct research and find information. One of the biggest pleasures for many people on the internet is Social media. Combine the two and you’ve got Quora. I will make sure that we keep track of this exciting site to see how it develops.

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