Palmetto Dunes POA had an existing Voice over IP system in place that was not meeting their needs. They were in need of an ultra-reliable solution to support their Security Force, as well as connect multiple locations including the 4 separate security gates, the security\dispatch office, and the Administration office.

After discussions with all department to outline all of Palmetto Dunes POA needs, it was determined that an Allworx VOIP system was the ideal solution. However, costs was serious concern given the client had recently invested in their existing VOIP system. With careful planning and extensive testing, Progressive Technology was able to design an Allworx solution that used many of their exiting Polycom VOIP phones. This offered a large cost savings as well as allowed them to continue to utilized their previous investment in hardware.

The final installation comprised on an Allworx 10x located at the Security office and Allworx 6x at the Administration office. Both are seamlessly integrated together. The gates are tied into the security office via VOIP which allows for sophisticated and automated call routing throughout all sites. Finally, the dispatch office had a need to record and monitor calls coming into the dispatch office. Progressive Technology implemented call recording and monitoring capability that records and archives phone calls into and out of the dispatch and security gates.

The end result is a feature rich and highly reliable companywide phone system that a security force with emergency response can depend upon for all of their communication needs.