Progressive Technology is pleased to offer an Enterprise Level Online Backup Solution with a rich feature set that is both secure and affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

Why should I backup?

All of your data is important, whether it’s contact information, business documents, financial contracts, customer databases, or archival photographs and videos. Corporations and individuals demand quality assurance from their disaster recovery programs in case of negative externalities, litigations, accidents, and other such unfortunate events.

Why use online backup?

Online backup offers an alternative to hard drive or tape backup solutions. Online backups are fully automated requiring minimal to zero user intervention. The most important advantage inherent in an online backup solution is that you will always have an off-site copy of your data.

Should an Online Solution replace my current backup?

In a corporate environment, we normally recommend that the online solution supplements your exiting local backup. Although an online solution has numerous benefits, in the event of disaster a local solution may offer a quicker resolution if the quantity of data that needs to be recovered is great.

What features are included in your online backup solution?

  • Unlimited Backup & Restoration with Scheduling
  • Unlimited Computers for Business Users
  • No Bandwidth Throttling
  • Access Files 24/7 – 365
  • Compressed Transfers
  • Customized Retention Policies
  • Full database-level backup of Microsoft Exchange
  • Full database-level backup of Microsoft SQL
  • Full Mapped Drive Support

What are the security features included in your Online Backup Solution?

  • Encryption: Before any data is transferred to our servers, it is first encrypted using 128-bit AES (with Twofish & Triple DES) with a secure password.
  • All of our servers are located in secured & monitored data centers with access restrictions in-place.
  • For extra redundancy, the encrypted data is duplicated to one or more additional servers located in separate geographic locations.
  • HIPAA Compliant

Is your Online Backup Solution affordable?

  • Price is based on the amount of data that needs to be stored. As data storage needs increase, the overall price increases but the price per GB goes down.
  • As an example, a business that is backing up 40 GB of data can expect to pay around $80 per month.

If you are interested in learning more about our online backup solution or have any general questions regarding online backup, please call us at 682-4990 or Email Us.